Every History has to Start Somewhere…

Hello, and welcome to “New Jersey’s Historical Suitcase!” This blog is all about the state of New Jersey and the history it has to offer. For the next few months I will be presenting to you some of the interesting histories and historical places located in the infamous transient state, New Jersey!

My name is George Macey, and I am the author of this blog. I’m very excited you stopped by for a visit! I am a student currently studying history at Rowan University. While I grew up in North Jersey most of my life, I currently live in South Jersey for school. Since I have lived in both extremes of the state, it has given me a robust experience as a resident.

When someone mentions New Jersey, what do you think? Maybe factories and pollution? How about long highways connecting New York and Philadelphia? Perhaps corrupt politicians on the news? Or maybe, just possibly, you think about a certain infamous reality show?

That reality show will not be named on this blog in an attempt to break the stereotype. A man can dream, right?

New Jersey is over 350 years old! My goal is to tell you about some of the interesting facts and places throughout the state, and the history surrounding them. Whether you are a resident, fan of history, or a traveler, I hope you can find my posts valuable and helpful for when you plan your next visit. This blog is a suitcase you can take along with you on your next trip or into your next conversation regarding New Jersey!

What is North and South Jersey? Next week I will be explaining some of the geography of the state to lay a groundwork for what will be covered over the next few months. Within the coming weeks there are a few places I plan on visiting. These places include Trenton and Cape May. I will explain their histories and show you some of the historical locales they contain. Trenton has three museums which I am looking to visit, all of which are sure to have excellent photo opportunities. I also hope to interview some of the people involved with their respective historical sites to gain a deeper background on their stories!

Until next time, may we meet again!


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