New Bridge Landing: 240th Anniversary Revolutionary War Reenactment Celebration (Video)

On Sunday, November 20th, 2016, the Bergen County Historical Society celebrated the 240th anniversary of the Battle of New Bridge. The celebration included a Revolutionary War reenactment along with various festivities and tours of the site.

The battle of New Bridge Landing was a pivotal Revolutionary War battle that took place on November 20th, 1776. The battle unfolded on a crucial crossing over the Hackensack River that connected a major road that spanned from New York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the area now known as River Edge and Hackensack.

This video showcases some of the highlights of the event, as well as two perspectives from participants in the reenactment. One from the President of the Bergen County Historical Society, James Smith, and the other from retired US Navy Commander Dave Loda, who portrayed the role of General Nathanael Greene throughout the reenactment.

The goals of this event were to teach the spectators about the crucial positioning of the conflict, and how it was an important moment in history that took place in New Jersey. A reenactment such as this is also a glimpse into what the event may have looked like, giving the spectators a rare view of living history.



Until next time, see you later!


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