“New Jersey’s Historical Handbook” is a website/blog about the long history of one of the original colonies in the United States, New Jersey. This site will document some of the interesting lore contained within the state, along with interesting places of history you could visit yourself.

The writer of this site is George Macey, a graduate of Rowan University who studied History. He also studied Journalism, International Studies, and the Spanish language. He grew up in North Jersey most of his life, living only miles away from New York City. Now, he lives in South Jersey, only miles away from Philadelphia. Outside of history and writing, his hobbies include running, physical fitness, film, video games, reading, discovering new places and meeting new people.


“Living in New Jersey all my life, I want to show everyone what I have seen and what I have enjoyed about my home. NJ is more than a reality show, highways, and a gambling hub. For more than 350 years, we have a storied history that will be sure to peak your interest.” (Photo: George Macey)


Photo Credits: The header image was taken by myself, from an old atlas by the National Geographic Society written by Peter Miller, Don Belt, and Andrew H. Brown. All rights belong to the National Geographic Society.